Invited Speakers

Information Hiding 2010, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Invited Speaker 1: Gábor Tardos

Title: Capacity of collusion secure fingerprinting - a tradeoff between rate and efficiency

Abstract: TBA

Short-Bio: Gábor Tardos is a professor at Simon Fraser University; he received the European Mathematical Society prize for young researchers at the European Congress of Mathematics in 1992 and the Erdös Prize from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2000. He received a Lendület Grant from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2009. He works mainly in combinatorics and computer science.
Dr. Tardos started with a result in universal algebra, he exhibited a maximal clone of monotone operations which is not finitely generated. He obtained partial results concerning the Hanna Neumann conjecture.

Invited Speaker 2: Pim Tuyls

Title: Hardware Intrinsic Security

Abstract: TBA

Short-Bio: Pim Tuyls currently is the CTO of Intrinsic-ID, an emerging semiconductor intellectual property and services company. He is also a visiting professor at the COSIC institute of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Before joining Intrinsic-ID he served as a principal scientist at the Nat.Lab in Eindhoven , the main research laboratory of Philips. He headed a cluster in applied cryptography. Pim Tuyls got a PhD in mathematical physics from the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven.
His research interests include, secure biometric, secure multi-party computation, physical uncloneable functions (PUFs) and quantum cryptography. Recently, Dr. Pim Tuyls won the prestigious 2010 ICT regie award which recognizes scientific research that has successfully transitioned into an innovation.

Invited Speaker 3: Boris Skoric

Title: Security with Noisy Data

Abstract: TBA

Short-Bio: Boris Skoric is an assistant professor in the security of embedded systems group at TU Eindhoven. Prior to joining academia he worked as a research scientist at the Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven. Dr. Boris Skoric completed his PhD at the institute for Theoretical Physics, Amsterdam on F-invariance and its application to the Quantum Hall Effect. His research interests include security with noisy data, collusion-resistant watermarking codes and computations under the encryption.

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