Accepted Papers

Information Hiding 2010, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Tardos's Fingerprinting Code over AWGN Channel
M. Kuribayashi

Obtaining Higher Rates for Steganographic Schemes while Maintaining the Same Detectability
A. Sarkar, K. Solanki and B. S. Manjunath

Security Analysis of ISS Watermarking Using Natural Scene Statistics
D. Zhang, J. Ni, Q. Zeng, D. Lee and J. Huang

STBS: A Statistical Algorithm for Steganalysis of Translation-Based Steganography
P. Meng, L. Hang, Z. Chen, Y. Hu and W. Yang

Robust and Undetectable Steganographic Timing Channels for i.i.d. Traffic
Y. Liu, D. Ghosal, F. Armknecht, A. Sadeghi, S. Schulz and S. Katzenbeisser

A Secure and Robust Approach to Software Tamper Resistance
S. Ghosh, J. D. Hiser and J. W. Davidson

Detection of Copy-Rotate-Move Forgery using Zernike Moments
S. Ryu, M. Lee and H. Lee

A New Spread Spectrum Watermarking Scheme to Achieve a Trade-off Between Security and Robustness
J. Cao , J. Huang and J. Ni

The Square Root Law in Stegosystems with Imperfect Information
A. D. Ker

Short Collusion-Secure Fingerprint Codes against Three Pirates
K. Nuida

Provably Secure Spread-spectrum Watermarking Schemes in the Known Message Attack Framework
J. Cao and J. Huang

Using High-Dimensional Image Models to Perform Highly Undetectable Steganography
T. Pevny, T. Filler and P. Bas

A Unified Submodular Framework for Multimodal IC Trojan Detection
F. Koushanfar, A. Mirhoseini and Y. Alkabani

Scene Illumination as an Indicator of Image Manipulation
C. Reiss and E. Angelopoulou

Steganalysis using Partially Ordered Markov Models
J. Davidson and J. Jalan

The Influence of the Image Basis on Modeling and Steganalysis Performance
V. Schwamberger, P. H. D. Le, B. Schölkopf and M. O. Franz

FPGA Time-bounded Unclonable Authentication
M. Majzoobi, A. Elnably and F. Koushanfar

The Reverse Statistical Disclosure Attack
N. Mallesh and M. Wright

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